Day one. (or, welcome to me!)

photoI’m very bad at the beginnings of things so let’s just pretend we’re already in the middle of a really fantastic conversation, ok? You say something really funny, and I’ll laugh a little like a chipmunk and then we’ll both start laughing and end the whole things with a sigh and a big sip of coffee. Sound good? Cool.

Now that we’re friends, welcome! Welcome to this little corner of the internet soon to be filled with words, pretty pictures, and probably way too much coffee and glitter.

Probably not at the same time. Gross.

Welcome to the space I’m making here to write, re-write, think some very thinky thoughts and sometimes, just be.

Welcome to the adventures of an odd little creative looking for ways to keep inspired in the middle of a busy, happy life.

Also, welcome to more videos of animals than you can handle ‘cause let’s be honest. Those are THE BEST.

I hope you’ll check back in. Maybe now that we’re friends I’ll make you cookies. No promises.

Until then-

Hello, Dear. Welcome.