Rise Up!

Rise Up, Awesome-Sauce Glitter Ponies of Joy

There’s a lot of inspiration on the internet. If you use Pinterest, or follow any of the world’s many “social media experts” or “inspirational personalities” (Which, really? Why are these things?) you’ve seen it a lot. So many inspirational quotes, typed beautifully, covered in glitter, meant to remind you how amaaaaaayyyzing you are in your little human core. You may have even seen some of it from me.

Today is the day!
We are amazing!
Rise up, Awesome-Sauce glitter ponies of joy!

My own Pinterest is an embarrassment of inspirational riches. Mostly just quotes and words I’m using to convince myself that I’m not such a failure, or not so terrible at anything, or that maybe if I am so terrible, I can still pick myself up and be awesuuuum!

Except a lot of the time, I feel as far from amazing as a person can get. And sometimes think that if I didn’t have to be a glitter pony of awesome sauce, maybe I could get some work done.

In bird by bird, Anne Lamott says that perfectionism “will keep you cramped and insane your whole life” and she’s not wrong. Even on my best day I’m a forever recovering, slightly neurotic, perfectionist. Not in the cute disney channel way where the uptight heroine learns to take off her glasses and let loooooose in time for the spring fling, but in the way that keeps me so afraid of imperfection (and the judgement that must, inevitably follow) that I won’t even start.


So as I’ve wrestled with myself, here’s the one small thing I’ve come to know.

Find the work you’ve been given to do. You will know what that this is because you will be very depressed when you are not doing it and probably very frustrated when you are but for different, better reasons. Do that thing everyday. Do it well and do it poorly. Do it when you feel amazing and when you are scared to death. Do it for thirty minutes, or five, or 7 hours, or whatever time you have that is not stolen by jobs or people. Just Do it, to quote the shoe-sellers. Let’s see what happens.

Side note-Do you know who Nike was before she started selling shoes? A Greek goddess of victory. (aka-awesome sauce glitter pony) The victory, though, is in doing the thing, whatever the outcome.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, amazing, awesome, or glitteriffic all the time. (Seriously there’s so much glitter on Pinterest and we all need to calm down) Right now, it just has to be done. So do it.

And I suspect, though I confess I’m not sure, that when we stop trying so hard to be amazing, we might just be good.


  1. Sarah Rose

    Oh, Faith, I LOVE this! Thanks for being genuine and refreshingly frank about perfection and work (and glitter). I appreciate you and I needed this!

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