Skin and Soul. (or, Why I Smell Like Coconuts)


Lotion and cookies are two of my very best friends.

No, not at the same time. Gross.

Let me ‘splain.

I have incredibly sensitive skin. Like…overly sensitive. Like I wish I could make it an appointment with a really good therapist who’d convince my poor skin that it’s GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT, STOP CRYING, STOP THAT RIGHT NOW YOU ARE FINE.

Basically I’m saying it reacts to everything, breaks out because AIR touched it and is dry like the desert. Lawrence of Arabia up in here.


I am forever on a quest for products that will

a) not anger the beast (play nice)
b) soothe, calm, and talk down from the ledge (therapy)
c) do that amazing thing we all want: make me look like a 15 year old supermodel who never EVER eats pizza. (wizard magic)

Ok, C may be unrealistic, but I have found a few that sit happily in the a-b range and I’ll be sharing them here.

First up, an everyday lotion: Everyday Coconut. This lotion is my current BFF. It’s light, doesn’t bug my skin even a little and the extra bonus of all that (natural!) coconut smell is that it seems like I’m always coming back from the beach, or maybe downed a pina colada before coming to your party. (the latter may or may not be true…)

Add to that that it is paraben and gluten free, not tested on fluffy bunnies and is certified fair trade. All good things! May I suggest that you give it a try?


In addition to my sensitive skin, I also have a very sensitive soul (see what I did there?)

I probably really should have put the poor thing into therapy a while ago because OH MY GOODNESS THE CRYING. However, I like to believe that most things can be solved with a long sleep and cookies.

Spoiler: I’m bad at psychology!

But really…sometimes all you need is a good cookie. And today was one of those sometimes.

Continuing our coconut theme, I made these little gems this week from, one of my favorite food blogs. They’re easy to throw together on a warm afternoon without turning on the hot oven, include only 4 ingredients and keep well in the freezer. All good things!

All you need are walnuts, honey, shredded coconut, and a little bit of salt, a food processor and enough time to roll the goodness into little cookie shapes. That’s it! For the full recipe, follow the link.


They make a great, very low sugar treat to keep in the freezer for when you’re busy, tired, and maybe a little sensitive.

Making food is good therapy, cookies are a great reward. Good skin products are a bonus. Treat yourself well, then treat yourself. It’s not a bad motto.


  1. shutterbean

    ooooh!! I’m gonna have to try that lotion…because as you know I’M COCONUT OBSESSED. So glad you liked the treats xo

  2. Author

    I love them! Thanks for reading my little brand new blog :)

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