You guys. It’s December. 

How are we already so close to christmas? How is Thanksgiving already over? How did the time run away so much faster than I was expecting? 

I know it’s Christmastime and we’re all supposed to be filled the joy and peace of all that is good and hallmark but instead I’m filled with…the spirit of Scrooge. I half expect 3 ghosts to burst through my window in the middle of the night and show me my terrible fate if I don’t perk it up.

It’s not that I don’t want  to feel Christmasy. It’s just that I, well, don’t. The thing is, I’m feeling extra stuck this year. There were a lot of things I wanted to accomplish in 2013 that are still undone, and a few pretty big unreached goals. I have the blues and I’m pacing in circles…stuck. 

When I get stuck, I get sad. Quickly. It’s a fast downward spiral that ends with a lot of cookies, too many episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore Show (“I just wanna make it on my own like SHE did!! Whyyyy am I so Laaaaame??”)  and sleeping in way too late. 

All that too say, Bah. Bah to the Hum to the Bug. 

I was moping about my lack of motivation today, unable to remember the last time I did much of anything creative. While drowning my sorrows in tea (read: bourbon) I decided to pull out my little kid set of watercolors and just see if I could be creative. Turns out, it was just the thing I needed. 

I guess the thing that’s so easy to forget when I’m out in the world being busy, trying to pay bills, that creating, writing, making things still have to have a place in my busy busy hours.  Even when, and maybe especially when, there are no good ideas floating around in my brain, the simple act of doing anything else can help get me over the “I’m-so-lame-blues.” 

So in an effort to finish this year more hopeful than frustrated, more Cratchet than Scrooge, I’ve decided to do creative thing a day. And I really think you should do it, too. It can be anything-write a song, paint a painting, bake a pie, make a christmas craft, make a hat for your dog, or a santa clause out of pipe cleaners. Whatever. The point is just to do something

This idea came out of one night’s frustrated painting. I was sad, frustrated, feeling stuck and decided I’d try and paint my way out of the funk. The paintings are so-so. That’s not the point. The point is I made something and then I had the motivation to make something else. What I think I’m learning is that creativity, any creativity, breeds more creativity. 

Find yourself frustrated? stuck? tired and searching? Take a little time this month and create with me. Seriously, anything.  A doodle, a pipe cleaner tiger, a hat out of cardboard. Seriously. Just. Make. Something. And see where it takes you next :)

I’ll be posting this week’s projects soon. Until then-happy crafting! :)


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